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Chico Kuk Sul Academy


Chico Kuk Sul Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to creating a healthy, positive 
and friendly environment where families 
are encouraged to train together. 

As an internal art, Kuk Sul emphasizes the ability to move and strike with energy (ki) through connections with the breath and soft fluid motions.

Chief Master - Chuck Duran

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Jerry Rempel

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My name is Jerry Rempel and my Kuk Sul title is Kwang Ja Nym. I cannot begin to express the immense gratitude that I feel for being able to practice this martial art, and to have this school available to us in Chico, CA.  I began my journey in 2001, and after 22 years I reached 5th degree black belt. In looking back, I realize that the journey itself is far more significant than the achievement of the end goal. Along the way, I have met and worked with many people in the do jang, and if I have helped to improve even one of those people’s lives, all of the hard work and sweat would have been worthwhile.

Like many martial artists, I began my martial arts training at an early age. However, I never quite found what I was looking until I found this school and this instructor. I put my martial arts training on hold to finish my law school career. Then I looked long and hard, I and took quite some time in selecting a school where I wanted to train. I was very selective, because I wanted to find a style that had everything. I cannot express how fortunate I am to have found Chico Kuk Sul and Master Duran, because this school and this instructor was and is everything I am looking for in martial arts training.

I have at times referred to Kuk Sul as “that punching, kicking, throwing, grappling, falling, tumbling, joint locking, cutting and thumping style.  It simply has EVERYTHING.  What intrigued me most about Kuk Sul, however, was the technical aspects and energy work involved. I was amazed to find a school where working with energy and pressure points was not something that was hidden and only revealed to elite students. I began learning these techniques very early on in my training, because I expressed an interest in doing so, and I showed the etiquette that allowed me to be taught.  I realized that if I emptied my cup, it would certainly be filled. . . and them some. 

Through my martial arts training, I learned to be centered in my body and still in my mind. This has translated into other areas of my life, and it has been very beneficial in my law practice as well as virtually every aspect of my life.  Like when one wields a sword, one must be the eye of the storm, so it is in every aspect of life.  This only happens through being centered and still. 

With Kuk Sul as a foundation, I began exploring the different ways that a body can move and how far it can be pushed, which has helped me in cycling and Ironman triathlon training and performance. If it were not for the practice of Kuk Sul, I do not believe that I would have been nearly as successful as I have become in other aspects of my life.

In looking back over the years of my training, I realize how very fortunate I am to have found this school and the amazing instructor Chung Kwang Ja Nym Duran. Chief Master Duran is both a friend and mentor, and he is the most amazing martial arts instructor I have come across in my entire life. I am very fortunate to be part of this school and this martial arts community.

Classes Available

Classes are formal, encouraging dedication to regular practice and engaged intent, which are vital to the practice.

The art itself is very circular and flowing. Students must learn to develop speed and accuracy in harmony with the timed release of power. Sophisticated means of power-generation keep the art challenging as each new level brings refinements and means to the same ends.​

Beginners focus on learning to adopt deep stances, built on the principles of developing strength and enhanced connection to the tan-jan. This technique is one of opening joints to their maximum range of motion and holding them open forever longer periods of time. Harmonized muscular development is a primary goal in Kuk Sul and much attention is paid to safe, facilitating warm-ups. Total body conditioning and strength is required to progress.

Intermediate students move on to a variety of forms and drills (solo or partner). Progress is slow and always routed in the gradual expansion of application of the basic techniques. The art prides itself on efficiency and effectiveness, both in self-defense and in developing health.


The most striking thing about Kuk Sul is the means of generating power and the tactics for employing that power effectively. Hyung (forms) are taught as a learning tool rather than simulated fights. Kuk Sul practitioners will use low stances in order to develop strong legs for kicking and jumping. A unique feature of Kuk Sul hyung training is that stances are quite narrow. While this is unusual for a hard style (such styles often rely on a wider, more solid, stance), it does prepare the students better for the circular motion of the Yu Sool soft style. Narrow stances also teach the importance of good balance right from the start. More importantly, the practitioner of Kuk Sul will not be hampered at any stage of training by trying to perform circular techniques from a stance that is too wide to allow for quick turns. ​​

Overall, our classes are designed to help the practitioner absorb the art at a pace which is comfortable and fundamentally correct.


Adults & Kids Classes

All ages welcome

These classes are suitable for both adults and children. The class will be flexible enough to keep the young ones' attention, but challenging enough for adults to train hard.

Adult Classes

14 years of age and above

A class designed to dig deeper into the art for the more focused of mind.


Little Ninjas

5-10 years of age

Time to let it loose! Little Ninjas is a special class for children 10 years of age and under to begin the fundamentals of martial arts training with some creative touches to entrain their growing minds and bodies.

Personal Self-Defense Training

14 years of age and above

Specialized classes for those interested in gaining the basic training necessary for use in a self-defense scenario.

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