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Master Chuck Duran

Kwan Ja Nym - 5th Degree Black Belt

Master Chuck Duran has been involved in the martial arts for 32 years. He has spent the last 30 years dedicating his life to studying the art of Kuk Sul. 

Mr. Duran had the pleasure of training directly under one of the most elite technicians of Kuk Sul Do: Grandmaster Choon Sik Yang, of Yang's Kuk Sul Do Federation. 

Master Duran focuses on teaching the energetic aspect of the art, for this is the highest level and the most thorough path to excellence in the art.

Mr. Duran is also a body worker who specializes in acute injuries by triggering the body to function in an harmonious state so the natural most powerful healing process can take place.


Assistant Master Jerry Rempel

Bu Kwan Ja Nym - 4th Degree Black Belt

Senior Instructor (Asst. Master) Jerry Rempel holds the title of Fourth Degree black belt. 

Mr. Rempel has been involved in other martial arts and has been training for 15 years in the art of Kuk Sul. Bu Kwan Ja Nym is known for his extreme work ethic and is an inspiration to all. 
In addition, Mr Rempel is a great teacher and a smooth technician when it comes to joint locking. 

Mr. Rempel is a talented lawyer who runs a local firm and also competes in triathlons.

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